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Allen CDC is working to create and provide economic equity opportunities for residents of the Western Addition, with a current mission: “To build and create opportunities of economic equity and development of residents of the Western Addition.” With a strong demand by government and the general community for accountability and job creation in the Western Addition, we need you to help oversee its business development.


Allen CDC will work more efficiently toward providing economic and social opportunities for residents of The Western Addition.  Along with other community non-profits, government agencies and community supporters, Allen will especially work to create new jobs and prepare under-employed and unemployed residents of the Western Addition for construction and communication technology work.

For nearly 13 years, Allen CDC, has worked to create economic opportunities for the Western Addition residents.  Now, as Allen works to help grow and develop its community, its general program must undergo a focus shift and development in order to address the most pressing issue of The Western Addition: lack of jobs.  As this shift and growth occur, Allen’s general program will become a most valuable advocate and service provider for people of The Western Addition.  And, as Allen’s community efforts grow, its work will be accomplished through programs that will broaden Allen’s impact, extend its fund-raising arena and allocate greater service to the W-Addition.  Bringing this type of direct expertise to this overlooked community, its management practices will, without a doubt, grow.  Its' accountability and constituency trust will grow.




Economic Development Objectives:


The African American race within San Francisco is in a serious Cultural and Social decline.  Following the redevelopment efforts in 1960-1975, 90% of San Francísco’s black middle class was forced out of the city by adverse neighborhood density, high and rising costs of an increase in the community crime rate.


With much of its congregation relocatìng into the Eastbay, Bethel is forced to turn to the development of new streams of revenue in order to maintain its cultural presence and a vibrant and functionìng ministry within its' historic cultural base.


    We Aim To:


  • Strengthen & Reinforce Allen CDC as a Non-Profit Community Service Provider;

  • Assist in expansion of the Bethel Heritage Foundation of San Francisco;

  • Establish a Property Management Company (For Profit or Not for Profit);

  • Remain acquisítive in property ownership and development opportunities;

  • Our Community Service Ministries;

  • Refocus, Refine and Redefine our Economic Deveìopment objectives;

  • Refocus our Evangelism efforts;

  • Refresh and contemporíze our Worship and Cultural Celebration Activities;

  • Expand our Youth Ministry and Youth Programs

  • Train and Empower our Younger and Next Generation




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